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Health Viva Garcinia Cambogia IndiaObesity has become a major concern for people around the world in the late decade. Obesity can have a lot of harmful effects on our health and some of them for life. It is absolutely vital to avoid obesity and maintain our body for a healthy prosperous life. Working out is the major way of reducing body fat and keeping ourselves in shape. To help the process along a lot of supplements is present in the market, which effectively lowers our metabolic rate and dissolves extra fat in the body.

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit which is sweet in taste. The fruit is usually in the shape of a pumpkin and is known in parts of the world as the Malabar Tamarind. The fruit is 60% composed of hydroxycitric acid or more commonly known as HCA. This citric acid like acid prevents the enzyme citrate lyase from turning sugar and starches into fat. This is the main reason behind Garcinia Cambogia’s trick of effective weight loss. It also helps the carbohydrates we eat break down and use it in energy production rather than being stored as body fat. With the help of this fruit our workouts will turn easier as we will end up having less fat to burn and will result in us being fit.

HealthViva Pure Herbs Garcinia Cambogia

HealthViva Pure Herbs Garcinia Cambogia is made up of more than 80% HCA extracts from the fruit. The component of the fruit inhibits lipid biosynthesis in turn preventing the accumulation of body fat. This will result in weight loss and also help us in maintaining a good BMI ratio (body mass ratio).

Benefits and usage

It is believed to help suppress hunger pangs, but not in the regular way as stimulant-based diet pill. It is said that the supplement effectively increases levels of satiety, making it much easier to eat less food. Late great nutritionist Shari Lieberman suggested that HCA brings forth a metabolic change which sends appetite-suppressing signals to the brain via amino acid 5-hydroxytryptophan.

Studies have proved that a person consuming Garcinia Cambogia supplements has shown elevated serotonin levels. This results in less cravings and helps us in achieving a sense of calm.

 HealthViva Pure Herbs Garcinia Cambogia is also known to help in breaking down the already existing fat in our body and helps us in staying in shape.

It is a purely natural product and is composed of 80% HCA. The supplement works relentlessly on visceral fat and helps us in reducing weight.


healthviva garcinia cambogiaA study published in the journal of the American Medical Association claimed that HCA has no effect on human subjects as much as animals. After this the buzz around HCA faded, but later on it was determined that the dosage of HCA is important to reap its benefits. Harry Preuss, a researcher and a pathologist at Georgetown University, said that enough quantity of HCA should be taken for it to reach parts of the body where it is effective. Later on, it was determined that adding calcium, potassium or magnesium salts to HCA decreases the degradation of free HCA into HCA lactone, which is an inactive form of the compound. These salts are present in any commercial HCA supplements much like in HealthViva Pure Herbs Garcinia Cambogia and they help our body to easily absorb the hydroxycitrate.

It is advised to take adequate dose of HCA. 1.5 grams in the whole day is considered healthy for a regular adult. The supplement should be taken three times a day before meals at a rate of approximately 0.9 g each time. It is advisable to take the supplement in empty stomach preferably 30-60 minutes before meal.

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